Why Are All The Online Marketing Gurus Talking About Social Networking?

Online Marketing Gurus often has a different way of measuring success. For example, if they were to ask you if you are having fun while you are doing it, your answer will almost surely be “Yes”. Online Marketing Gurus Services is built around having fun while at it and placing consumer success as their #1 goal. Being honest, being transparent, building real relationships, and bringing back sales. invest millions in research and development, just to get this done.

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The online marketing gurus will say that their system and process will provide real revenue results, but why is that? They aren’t providing any revenue results because they are using their own standards and metrics of success. When you build a real business for yourself, then eventually you will want and need to use the same metrics for measuring business success that you would if you were building a for-profit business.

That’s where YouTube, Google, EzineArticles, WebProNews, Digital Product Reviews, Social Bookmarking Sites, Social Networking, Blogging, RSS Feeds, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon come in and really start adding real revenue results to your online marketing gurus business. The YouTube videos are all done with video production capabilities, which give you the chance to show and explain how you came to the decision you made regarding whatever product or service that you are offering to others. YouTube is absolutely the proof-based method of getting information out there in front of your customers, which is what you’re after if you’re looking to create real revenue results in your business.

You see, with Google Earth, AdWords, Digg It, Reddit, WordPress, Blogger, Twitter, RSS Feeds, Facebook and more, you have an almost endless supply of content, real-time content that is truly live, so when you have an online marketing guru tells you to do this, he means it, he literally means it. He’s talking about thousands of eyeballs seeing your website for the first time and seeing the exact things you are marketing and selling right now. He’s talking about converting that traffic into sales. If that conversion rate isn’t happening right now, it will if you follow what the digital marketing gurus are doing.

Top online marketing gurus are also talking about social media and how to use it to generate sales. They are using Facebook, Twitter, Digg It, YouTube and more, just to name a few, to promote their business. The bottom line is digital marketing, so when you are following someone like Mike Dillard who is a top online marketing guru, he’s not telling you to skip the Internet marketing fundamentals. He’s telling you to get rid of the fundamentals and start focusing on the things that make online marketing so much fun.

It’s like having your own business, but instead of working at a job you’re working from your computer eight hours a day and seven days a week. It’s exciting, you can go where ever you want to and whatever you want to do, but most importantly you will be making tons of money. These top online marketing gurus know what they’re talking about because they’ve seen it all before, so you better listen up.